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How to effectively manage remote employees?

The form of remote working, hiring online employees is no longer a temporary solution when the pandemic occurs, but is gradually becoming the main choice of many business establishments and businesses in Vietnam. To get the best results when implementing this form of work, managers need to know how to manage remote employees most effectively. Let’s find out with Nobi Pro in the following article.  

1. A series of challenges when managing employees working remotely

For administrators who have to manage remote employees, there will be challenges that include project management, team management, and keeping work on schedule. In addition, there are the benefits of a remote working culture. Some of the research figures on remote working from the Connect Solutions survey show: 

  • 30% of employees say they get more done in less time 
  • 82% said they work with less stress 

Today, as the remote workforce becomes more common, the challenges related to managing remote employees increase such as: 

  • Lack of suitable communication tools 
  • Improper use of resources 
  • Lack of division of individual responsibilities  
  • Respect other people’s time 
  • There are no clear roles and responsibilities 
  • Lack of work schedule 
  • Difficulty tracking employee performance 
  • Lack of group cohesion 
  • Increase the value of each individual to the work group 

So what is an effective remote employee management solution? Follow the next part of the article to get the answer. 

2. Suggestions for effective remote HR management

Whether you run a small store or run a large business, you need to know how to effectively manage your human resources. Especially in the context that more and more businesses choose to hire remote workers – remote workers, the secrets to improving employee performance are more and more concerned. 

Nobi Pro suggests some ways to manage employees working remotely to help you reduce pressure and difficulties when running a business: 

2.1. Set boundaries remotely with employees 

Remote employees will need a few rules about their work and personal life while at work. The individuals on the team work in different time zones, so chatting or emailing can get in the way of their personal lives. 

Managers need to discuss working time with each member of the team, by respecting each individual’s working time. This helps to build positive relationships with employees, to ensure a smooth connection at all times. 

2.2. Encourage individual diversity 

It’s no surprise that a team working across borders has cultural obstacles. Sometimes cultural diversity leads to misunderstandings and conflicts that also make team-work difficult. Thus, accepting cultural diversity allows for more effective team building activities. 

Simply put, different people from different regions should always be open to feedback, promoting a mindset that celebrates differences, respects countries and cultural differences. that family. 

2.3. Set specific goals and expectations 

Every business you work for has specific goals, whether in person or online. Defining specific and clear goals will help focus employees’ efforts towards more precise goals. Managers need to set clear goals and expectations in the following: 

  • Work time 
  • Means of communication 
  • On time 
  • Deadlines for projects and jobs 
  • Scheduled meetings 
  • Reply to email 

2.4. Improve online communication skills 

In fact, many workgroups surveyed answered that their biggest obstacle while working remotely is communication. Without a good online communication skill, it will be difficult to connect individuals in the group with each other. 

In each conversation, communicate quickly and succinctly so people don’t get confused. In addition, administrators also need to develop writing and speaking skills by using the correct online tools to be effective. 

3. Remote HR management software – The most practical solution to improve employee performance

Surely you have heard of software that supports more effective work management. This is the solution that Nobi Pro wants to mention to help optimize the management of remote employees. Standardizing work processes, not only assigning, receiving or evaluating jobs quickly and accurately based on transparent data, but also this tool is also a place to store all business data. Any employee can access and exploit their work-related data even from home. 

Nobi Pro is the software we are talking about. The software has all the tools that managers need to manage employees, run work and track performance. All numbers from the most detailed to the overview report are continuously updated on the Nobi Pro system. Not only assigning work to employees effectively, managers also directly assess the level of work completion and performance of employees. Thanks to Nobi Pro, business operations and managers’ business are optimized more than ever. 

To discover how Nobi Pro helps you effectively manage your remote employees, call our hotline for more specific advice or sign up for a 7-day free trial. .

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