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How to manage fanpage messages most effectively to avoid losing customers?

When interacting with a fanpage, customers always have the mentality of wanting to have their questions answered immediately. Managing fanpage messages must first meet this desire of customers, thereby bringing many practical benefits to shops and businesses such as: improving customer experience, increasing the rate of closing orders, attracting interested by many customers… But how to do this well when you can’t be on the page 24/7? The answer lies in the following article!

Why should you manage messages on fanpage well?

Any fan page created for commercial or non-profit purposes acts as a direct interaction channel with users and customers. For sales fanpages, this is even more important because it will directly affect the profits of the shop and the business. Managing a fanpage is roughly understood as a form of using the social network Facebook to spread brands, brand values ​​and products to the public.

The number of Facebook social network users in Vietnam is currently ranked 7th in the world with more than 200 countries and territories. That is enough to see the great potential from promoting brands, selling products and services from this platform to businesses. Managing fanpage messages is an important part of managing and administrating fanpage. Doing this well, you will receive outstanding benefits such as:

  • Reach more customers with faster advice on products and services
  • Quickly grasp customer tastes and exploit their practical needs well. Based on this benefit, you will come up with more timely and effective marketing strategies
  • As a cost-effective re-marketing channel, improve business performance, increase revenue and reduce advertising investment costs.

Revealing the most effective way to manage fanpage messages today

With fanpages with a low number of followers, such as under 100 followers, message management is very simple, even an administrator can take care of user messages. But when the number of messages is getting bigger and bigger, especially when the business runs an advertising campaign, this becomes much more difficult if you don’t know how to exploit facebook’s features or use support software. . This article is for you if you are struggling to find the most effective way to manage page messages.

Use the main features of facebook to set up fanpage messages

The first way to manage page messages well is to make the most of the settings available in the fanpage quarters. When accessing the fanpage, click on the settings section and you will immediately see the “Messaging” fanpaga section or you can click on the “Inbox” section of the Business Suite. Suggest you use Business Suite because you can manage Instagram messages when connected.

All messages sent to the page will appear on the screen. In any message, when you click on it, you will see the features that you can perform to manage messages with that customer in the right column of the screen such as:

  • Go to the “Done” folder
  • Delete all chats
  • Move the chat to the “Spam” folder
  • Mark “Unread” the conversation
  • Mark “Follow” the conversation
  • Label customers

Instructions for setting up automatic messages – “automation responses” on fanpage

As long as the number of messages to the page reaches nearly 100 messages/day, it is difficult for you to reply to them all, immediately. The time factor is extremely important when interacting with customers on the page. Customers always want their questions answered immediately. So what to do? There is a way to help you extend the time to reply to your customers inbox while still giving customers the feeling of being cared for in a timely manner is to set up automatic messages. At this setting, you can set up automatic messages to be sent when customers message the page.

You also need to pay attention to the display setting time to respond to customer messages. Customers will see the time when they can really connect with the staff on the page and be more sympathetic when their questions are not answered immediately. For customers who visit your page for the first time, you need to set up a greeting message so that customers feel interested. You can change the content of the preset greetings to better suit your industry and audience.

Use professional fanpage management software

Managing fanpage messages is just one part of managing fanpage. Currently, most businesses and online shops use a tool to support page management more effectively, which is technology software. The software will help you manage all stages of the fanpage easily, automatically and optimally.

Nobi Pro is the top suggestion for online businessmen who are “headaches” with managing their fanpage effectively. Nobi Pro is a complete set of solutions to optimize costs and operate an online business with 6 main features:

  • Nobi Marketing: A feature that helps traders manage all real-time campaigns on the same system. Nobi Marketing helps you identify the right target customer file, increase conversion rate, increase revenue, reduce marketing costs. It is easy for businesses to measure and control the effectiveness of marketing campaigns quickly and accurately.
  • Nobi Chat: This feature helps you manage your fan page in the most optimal way, professionalizing the customer care process on the page. Besides, this feature also supports effective livestream sellers, higher order information security, and especially just 1 click to order quickly.
  • Nobi Sales: This is a sales management platform that helps businesses increase revenue, create stronger relationships with customers, and increase sales staff’s performance. With just a few simple steps on a system interface, leads are collected extremely quickly and divided with intelligent algorithms. Closing rates also increase significantly when salespeople are supported by this feature.
  • Nobi San: This feature supports those who are doing business on the e-commerce platform shopee. Whether you have 1 shop or many shops on shopee, you only need to connect with Nobi San to manage them all on the same Nobi Pro system interface. With this feature, from managing chats of shops on shopee, creating automatic chat bots, managing product inventory, bills of lading, evaluation and automatic customer care are all done very simply. Thanks to Nobi San, hundreds of thousands of businesses in Vietnam have experienced outstanding revenue growth when doing business on shopee.
  • Nobi Pos: A solution to help you manage sales, track bills of lading and control inventory effectively. Nobi Pos helps you connect with most shipping units in Vietnam, synchronizing order information and bill of lading into the system. This feature also helps users manage products and inventory more closely.
  • Nobi Automation: Optimizing operations and improving customer experience is the benefit you get when using this feature of Nobi Pro. Nobi Automation will help you build the most complete and automated data system, help you take care of customers and remarket automatically with detailed personalization settings.

Managing fanpage messages with Nobi Chat, you not only optimize the operations when replying to customer messages, but also significantly improve the customer experience when interacting with the page. This feature also allows you to connect multiple fanpages to the system, making managing multiple pages at the same time much simpler and faster.

Above are Nobi Pro’s detailed instructions on how to manage fanpage messages and suggestions on the most effective solution for online businesses. Do not forget to follow the next articles of Nobi Pro so as not to miss interesting information to help you accumulate more useful business experiences.

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