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A powerful prospective customer and sales team management platform. All on one easy-to-use platform, helping teams boost customer engagement, close more deals, deepen relationships, and not miss even one lead. 


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Manage thousands of prospects & drive deals to closure effectively and easily

Close deals faster, manage prospects and customers easier. All of your multi-platform leads will be integrated into a single interface, all on one powerful and easy-to-use platform. Besides, Nobi Sale integrates Voice IP customer service, helping you professionalize the sales process, drive revenue and increase retention.

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Leads Management
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  • Sales Teams Management
  • Work Management
Intelligent management mechanism

Route and allocate leads using a clever algorithm, such as assigning leads automatically and equitably, or assigning leads with alternatives. Furthermore, tag your leads to categorize them based on the need for your business.

Mission and outcome mechanism

Optimize conversion rate with tasks and results management (per lead), as you have the ability to send reminders to sales agents and then receive the tasks they need to accomplish. As a consequence, you'll be able to get the most out of your prospects and clients.

Multi-channel leads intergration

Collect multi-channel leads from Shopee, Facebook, Landingpage, Website, and other sources automatically for usage on a single platform, and manage thousands of leads easily and rapidly.

Effective sales management

Detailed information and reports on each sales rep's working efficiency, such as the number of calls and orders, sales revenue, sales rep ranking, and so on, make it easier for managers to analyze the work efficiency of sales reps.

Professional Voice IP PBX

Professionalize the sales process by dividing a single hotline into many extensions. Furthermore, the call recording function will assist managers in controlling call quality and training sales employees at any time and from any location.

Super-fast order with 1 click

With a single click of the order button, the order is successfully fulfilled on the system. Sales representatives will select products and check inventories in real-time, and Nobi Sales will connect and push orders to the courier directly from the interface.

Operation process

Establish operational systems to assist sales reps and managers in managing sales opportunities and estimating revenues from opportunities at the same time.

Workflow management

Manage specific stages, unique tasks of each individual and department, saving time and effort of the entire sales force.  Track and count the assigned tasks to meet the deadline.

Easy to manage

Provide detailed data on individuals, departments, or the entire organization; provide real-time updates, and so on. Sales rep performance may be readily managed, measured, and evaluated in a transparent manner.

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Frequently Asked Questions
Is it Nobi's priority to share new leads?

Nobi Sales does not prioritize the assignment of fresh leads, but rather divides them based on time.

How to recover unprocessed leads?

Lead management -> Lead configuration
You must change the lead recovery time here to 1 minute. As a result, unprocessed leads will be restored, and the settings will be adjusted to redistribute leads to employees.

When filling an order on Telesale, how do you tag the "fulfilled order" state to lead?

Please follow Nobi’s instructions:

Step 1: Click to Category –> Customer/Order/Conversation tab to add the “Ordered” tab.

Step 2: Choose Marketing Automation –> Create a customer tagging process (Condition: Change the order status to “New,” then select “Tag Customer” from The Taskbar, and finally click “Ordered”).