Foundation Resources

With the development in the present, Nobi is more and more confident in the future thanks to its solid foundational resources:

Products: Nobi is a product that has many outstanding advantages in the market according to customer care and remarketing with a professional technical team and a young and enthusiastic customer care team.

Marketing: Nobi has the companionship from DC Group and is is recommended by over 20 top digital marketing experts in Vietnam.

Strategic partner: Currently, Nobi is a strategic partner of Ladipage, GHN, KTcity, BotBanHang…

Building an ecosystem, connecting online businesses, promoting development, bringing the greatest benefits. Nobi is committed to 100% quality and 100% refund of costs if not bringing value to customers. All of the features are FREE when you upgrade.

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Vision & Mission

With the desire to serve online business and optimize operations, Nobi helps customers achieve the best operating efficiency. Nobi has been striving to be the top choice that is that are the most used, the most used and the greatest value for the online businesses in Asia.

By December 2025, it will serve 100,000 customers and by 2030 reach the milestone of 1,000,000 customers using and satisfied with Nobi.

We understand that customers always want to be “Listen – Understand – Satisfied”, so we are confident in the dedicated service of Nobi’s customer care team.

Online support hotline and hotline are ready to serve 24/24 to answer any problems you encounter. Do not hesitate, contact us to enjoy the service you deserve.

What makes Nobi different?

Nobi – Solution “All in One” – Order management, CRM, marketing automation. Just 1 click to replace all redundant and inefficient employees.

Nobi connects all operating software systems that you are using into one interface. With easy operation, you can quickly change order status and manage customers in detail.

This amazing application can help you to control the single stroke effectively. Therefore, it helps you increase the success rate of delivery and minimize the situation of refunds.

Nobi approaches customers through every channel that you have such as facebook, sms, email, call center, app…. Users can easily up-sell, cross-sell and take care of customers automatically and personalize according to customer behavior.

Nobi helps your business to save the manpower, the time and the money in placing an order, tracking orders and checking warehouse in the most optimal way.

Nobi Team

Currently, Nobi has a young and enthusiastic management team and a team of well-trained and experienced programmers. Besides, Nobi also has a young and dynamic customer care team. We are committed to bringing our customers the best products at the most optimal cost.

The youthfulness of the human resources has given Nobi a culture that is not afraid of difficulties, always changes to develop, lives with passion and expresses its personality. That is the motivation for Nobi to develop non-stop everyday.



Meet the Executive Team

Nobi has a team of talent, young and enthusiastic leaders who are always eager to dedicate themselves to embark on a career of an ecosystem connecting the online business market.

Mr. Nguyen Kim Cuong
Founder - CEO
Mr. Phan Nhu Than
Founder - CTO
Mr. Donnie Chu
Founder - CSO

Trusted by

Nobi is recommended by

20+ E-commerce & Top Digital Marketing Experts

  • 20+ Experts Recommend
  • Sao Khue Award
  • Vietnam Shark Tank 2021

Although I have only used it for about a month, the experience Nobi gives me is very great. My favorite feature is Tracking Order. In addition, Nobi has a lot of other features. It can be said that this is an effective support tool for online businesses. If you are just starting a business or doing a cross-platform business, you should definitely give this software a try.

Mr. Nguyen Luu Chuong Admin Isocial Community

When I do online business, I have two problems that cause losses, which are returned orders and lead management. Nobi software makes me a lot easier thanks to the automatic lead division process, especially my return rate has decreased from 18% to only 6%. Thanks to Nobi, I have enough time and efficiency to open two more offices, thank you very much Nobi.

Mr. Thanh Otis CEO Song Linh Plus

Actually, Nobi is the first and only solution to solve painful problems that businesses have not been able to handle thoroughly so far. Nobi is a software that can almost completely eliminate loss in the business. It helps to reduce the return rate, optimize operating costs and save remarketing costs. If you are running an online business, Nobi is a powerful and effective tool.

Mr. Nguyen Tinh Founder Ladipage

Currently, I have been using Nobi software for my entire dealer network for more than a year. Nobi has supported me a lot in saving time, costs and human recourses. The Nobi software make my operation easier to manage and automate processes. I have saved 15% of my sales every month. And I believe that if you also use Nobi like me, you will definitely achieve the same results. Thank you Nobi.

Mr. Tran Duc Quang Founder DR. HOY Việt Nam

The order management system that I like the most is Tiki. But right now, Nobi is doing everything even better. Nobi solution can help your business increase lifetime value for customers. The Nobi system also helps keep the customer purchase information so that you can send the information promotions to the old customers without spending on marketing or advertising.

Mr. Vu Minh Tra Founder Shoptida

It is difficult to praise all the Nobi friends in a few sentences. I was really surprised with what Nobi brought. Nobi is a user-friendly, two-way multichannel communication broadcaster. It aids in the development of a solid base of existing customers and the acquisition of new clients. It guarantees a 400% to 600% rise in open rates. SEONGON and my projects will also support Nobi more.

Ms. Mai Xuan Dat Founder Seongon & VNOKRs

In the past, because of using many software, my 0peration system had difficulties and many problems. When I applied Nobi software, I was extremely surprised because this is the software that had all the features I needed and all in one. Now they all work together smoothly. If you are looking to increase personnel efficiency and reduce operating costs like me, you should consider using Nobi software.

Ms. Nguyen To Uyen Founder Coll Group & Home And Home

Nobi is the innovative and award-winning solution. When using Excel to process customer data, I often don’t know at which stage the revenue is reduced, and I can’t understand the quality of the data. Thanks to Nobi, all of my above problems have been solved. So I’m very confident when recommending Nobi solution to my friends and students.

Mr. Nguyen Dinh Truong Founder Vic Group

Nobi builds software for better customer relationships. Since I introduced my customers to use Nobi software, they are very comfortable in order management. People interact with businesses every day across multiple channels like email, phone, live chat, and social media. Nobi brings all this together in one beautifully simple help desk software platform, enabling you to create more meaningful and productive relationships with your customers.

Mr.Le Chi Linh Founder Diligroup

Nobi is an equipment rental management solution that helps enterprises manage inventories, equipment tracking, contracts, invoices, preventive maintenance and more. Nobi’s report is very scientific and accurate. I believe that if you are doing business on trading floor and Facebook, Nobi will help you a lot. I really love the platform because it helps me save the money and boost my sales.

Mr. Dung Tau CEO DCuni

Nobi has given our clients a quick and easy way to automatically operate your business! In my opinion, Nobi is the software that fully converges the most important features for the E-commerce business model. It is not surprising that many Digital Marketing experts recommend this software

Mr. Do Huu Hung CEO Accesstrade

For our organization, the implementation of Nobi was initially directed to the area of point of sale. In a short time, its solidity and versatility encouraged us to use the other features of Nobi, such as Nobi Chat and Nobi San. I contribute positively to the current process flow of the company. The ideal is to be able to anticipate and quantify the savings and benefits that the implementation will generate.

Mr. Tran Nhat Hai Founder HaiMMO.VN

Sao Khue Award

Nobi ECRM is honored to win the Sao Khue Award 2021 in the field of software, organized by the Ministry of Communications and Information

Get on Vietnam Shark Tank 2021

Nobi joined the Shark Tank Vietnam program in episode 11 as a startup providing optimal operating solutions to help online sellers reduce their return rate by 15%. After presenting to the sharks, Nobi has received the investment offers from all 4 sharks. Finally, Nobi successfully closed the deal of $500,000 for 25% shares.