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The conversation management tool on fan page helps you automaticalize sales, simplize sales closing, and professionalize customer care. In addition, Nobi Chat is also an effective assistant to help you sell through livestream effectively and save money.


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Manage thousands of conversations & sales operations on Fan page easily and quickly

Nobi Chat helps you to classify and manage conversations on Fan page easily with in-depth filters, automatic guest reply, and super-fast place an order with just one click. Support selling through livestream easily.

The place turning manual management and fan page messaging operations into an automaticalized process

Smart fan page management
  • Smart fan page management
  • Super-fast order
  • Livestream support
Optimized fan page management

Display all fan pages to manage on the same dashboard. Synchronize interactions from the sales pages into a unified interface for easy management. Connect fan pages and synchronize conversations quickly, customer information is fully updated in real-time into the software.

Easy conversation management

Manage thousands of customer conversations simply and effectively. Smart conversation filtering with many conditions such as phone number, viewed, unviewed, unanswered. Tag, bookmark, and search for information easily.

Purchase history record

View all orders placed for each customer and order details such as the revenue and the order status, etc. Warn customers who have boomed and notify the successful order rates.

Optimized operation

Create message templates to help improve sales staff's consulting and closing productivity. Check inventory easily at the ordering interface. Assign customer information automatically, without manual operation.

Automated reply message

Support smart reply message. Answer common questions quickly with the question recognition feature. Automatically convert conversations into leads, and divide conversations by smart tagging.

1 click to order

Automatically fill in customer information into the box on the form, no need to copy or paste. Tagging conversations to categorize customer needs, track feedback, and purchase history.

Phone number identification

Identify the hotline number to not place an order. Identify keywords that customers comment to place the orders automatically without manual operation.

Advanced message security

Automatically hide comments on Facebook or Livestream, avoid losing orders due to stolen customer information. Turn off notifications when customers tag friends in comments, keep the status of the message.

Split conversation smartly

Split leads automatically according to in-depth conditions to ensure that no data is missed, ending the status of lead waste. Tagged conversations in all Fan pages will be automatically managed by the respective staff.

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Frequently Asked Questions
How to replace another fan page on Nobi?

Please follow Nobi’s instructions:

Step 1: Go to Multi-channel Marketing -> Facebook Marketing
Step 2: Go to The list of Pages -> Connect Fan page
Step 3: Select Add Page or Customize Permissions to replace the new Fan page.

Why can't I see the conversation when using Nobi Chat?

With the system’s features, you must grant permission to view and manipulate. Please follow Nobi’s instructions:
Step 1: Go to Settings -> Department -> Select branch
Step 2: Select the position -> Delegation

How to match the shipping price when placing an order?

Please follow Nobi’s instructions:
Step 1: Go to Settings -> General -> Sales
Step 2: Set up the shipping fee -> Select the same price and enter the shipping price

Why does the same customer buying on Facebook and on Ladipage create 2 customer forms on Nobi while the customer uses an Facebook account to place an order?

Currently, Nobi recognizes that the customer source from Facebook and the customer source from Ladipage are two different sources, so they will create different customer information with different sources on the system.