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Meet development needs quickly, conveniently and more effectively, Nobi Automation has created with a cross-platform automation process, helps you enhance the customer experience and maximize the value of each customer that you have.


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Comprehensive optimized & automated multi-channel management & operation

Nobi Automation is considered as the most powerful automation tool. It not only helps businesses save time, efficient operation, but also helps to nurture your contacts and increase engagement instantly, then close as much as deals possible.

Comprehensive, streamlined, and automated multi-channel management and operation

Automated customer care
  • Automated customer care
  • Coupon code management
  • Shopee Automation Bot
Big data automation

Nobi Automation supports the synchronization of customer information from multiple sources: Facebook, websites, stores, etc. Assist in categorizing customers based on a variety of criteria.Similarly, store data automatically into the system, synchronize between Landing Page’s leads and Messenger’s leads.

Multi-channel remarketing

With a single click, Nobi Automation allows you to send bulk messages to all omni-channel customers (SMS, Facebook, Email, Stores).Moreover, Nobi Automation also gives you multi-channel "Effective Personalized Remarketing" assistance. Apply Automated Upselling and Cross-selling to omni-channel selling.

Automated order notifications

With just a few clicks, you can send order status to customers in real-time, through any channel your customers use, such as Messenger, email, SMS, etc.

Automated customer care

Get the most out of former customers, Increase in CSAT. Upsell and Cross-sell to the right audience (highly personalized) through multi-channels (Facebook, Tiktok, Email, SMS, Stores, etc.)

Evoke the customer's buying need

Discover your potential prospects and maximize the conversion rate by automatically taking care of customers who are interested in the product but have not purchased it. You can set up an automatic customer service script with multi-channel (Facebook, Tiktok, Email, SMS, etc.) after 2h, 4h, 8h, etc.

Auto-messages on special occasions

Nobi Automation centralizes all of your customer care data and channels (SMS, Facebook, Email) on a single platform. Automated customer service procedure based on professional scenarios with relevant discount coupons and promotions such as holidays, birthdays, special days.

Create and send discount code

Create and deliver “discount” coupons to customers: You may quickly create “special discount codes” to send to “individuals.” This form of discount code will be created exclusively for each individual user, and others will be unable to use it.

Create and send promotions

Create and send a "promotion" code: Using a promotion code, the store owner can send a "1 code" promotion "for a group or for all of his customers." As a result, this promo code is available to all consumers.

Discount and promotion code management

This tool allows you to manage discount and promotion codes in various states, such as the number of newly issued codes, the number of utilized codes, and the term rate. Discount and promotion codes can also be filtered by specific sales reps or by time.

Order notification message

Nobi Automation will automatically deliver order status that are updated to consumers via Shopee message, allowing managers to analyze and handle emerging situations in real-time.

Automatically review

Nobi allows you to manage and respond to reviews automatically, with responses tailored to each customer's particular reviews (1-star, 2-star, 3-star, 4-star, 5-star review)

Automatic messages

Nobi Automation will automatically deliver messages tailored to each customer and their buying journey, product cycle, and so on, and will also allow you to respond to messages using keywords. You can also select an upgraded auto-responder option.

Automated customer care

Nobi Automation automates remarketing on Shopee with this capability, assisting you in creating remarketing scenarios that match client behavior. Automatically upsell and cross-sell to the proper audience, as well as the ability to offer Shopee vouchers. Request feedback on customer reviews automatically.

Evoke the customer's buying need

Discover your potential prospects and increase your conversion rate by automatically taking care of clients who are interested in your product but have not purchased it. You may automate customer service scripts with multi-channel (Facebook, Tiktok, Email, SMS, and so on) after 2h, 4h, 8h, and so on, and deliver shopee coupons at the same time.

Auto-messages on special occasions

Nobi Automation assists you with professional remarketing situations such as discount codes, promotions on holidays, birthdays, special days, and so forth. Personalized thanks program using a variety of Shopee discount codes.

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Frequently Asked Questions
What's the difference between 24h message and event message?

The 24-hour message will be delivered to customers who have interacted since the time they choose to send the message back before 24 hours, and the event message will be sent to all customers.

What's the difference between a Facebook marketing campaign and an automated process?

A Facebook marketing campaign sends information to all clients at once, whereas an automated procedure sends material periodically based on a predetermined criteria.

How to separate customer groups to send customer care campaigns without duplicates?

Please follow the steps below:
Step 1: Go to Category -> Customer Groups -> Create customer groups based on your needs.
Step 2: Go to Customers -> Select and filter the customers you wish to transfer -> Select “Transfer group” to move that client into the group. (Please keep in mind that each group transfer will transfer up to 200 consumers.)