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Effective customer management and bill of lading tracking solution. A superior CRM platform for storing and managing customer information. Besides, Nobi Pos helps you keep track of thousands of orders easier than ever.


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Multi-channel Data Integration & Storage in a single platform

Nobi Pos is a preeminent smart CRM platform that helps you integrate all customer information & multi-channel orders on Facebook, Landing Page, Website, Shopee,… into one system. Centralized management, easy operation.

Where you store, manage intelligently and preeminently customers and orders

Order Management
  • Order Management
  • Customer Management
  • Contract and Cash-Book Management
Logistic partner integration

Connecting with the biggest logistics businesses like Grab, etc. Display the true shipping cost, immediately transmit orders to logistics companies, and print the invoice directly from Nobi Pos.

Thousands of order management

On the same system, save and manage multi-channel order data from Facebook, Shopee, Landing Page, and Website. Management is centralized, and the system is simple to use.

Order journey management

Synchronize order data with the bill of lading journey, update the itinerary and track the order status of the shipping unit automatically and quickly.

Premium CRM foundation

Store and track customer information quickly and specifically, like from customer data, transaction logs, customer characteristics, reports, etc. No more omissions and lost customer data.

Customer classfification

Smart customer filtering by specific groups such as by customer card, the amount spent, time, etc. It is convenient for taking care of each specific customer.

Multi-channel synchronization

Synchronize customer information from many platforms, including as Facebook, Shopee, Landingpage, and websites, on a single system to assist centralize administration and conveniently deploy customer care and retargeting efforts.

Contract management

Count and record all contracts on the program, including contract information such as Contract number, contract name, contract amount, contract status, owner, implementation time, and so on, to assist you in closely managing corporate debt.

Cash book management

Control the types of coupons, payment dates, payment methods, payment status, and so on in a transparent manner. Look up and search for a cash book quickly using parameters such as time, status, and so on, to assist in closely managing revenue and expenditure on cash flow.

Quote management

Keep all of the quotes in Nobi eCRM, where you can easily track and search for any pricing quotation with complete security.

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Frequently Asked Questions
How can I view the product returns and the refund rate?

You may view the product returns by selecting “Report” and then “Returns Statistics.”

You can also view the refund rate by selecting Report –> and then clicking “Report by Order.”

What should I do if I construct an application and submit it to the carrier, but then receive a warning to "fill in sender information"?

The shipping business has not received your order because you have not specified a sender address. Follow the steps below:

Go to Settings -> Branch -> Fill up the sender details and phone number.

How to know whether an order has a verified status that is actually verified or not?

If you want to know if the order is in the actual state of money reconciliation, you can check which state the order is in the carrier.