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Launching Nobi Ship – The solution to optimize operation and delivery costs exclusively for Nobi Pro customers

More than a year of accompanying online business customers, Nobi Pro deeply understands the difficulties arising in the process of transporting goods, especially during the pandemic. Nobi Ship was born as the optimal solution for operation and delivery costs exclusively for Nobi Pro customers. With Nobi Ship, transporting customers’ goods has never been easier at a cost that has never been more favorable.

Nobi Ship optimization solution for operation and shipping costs exclusively for Nobi Pro customers

For online shop owners, operating and processing orders through shipping units is always a “consuming” step with a lot of cost, effort, and many risks. Although when done through the Nobi Pro platform connecting many different shipping units, with an optimized and seamless process, customers have saved a lot of time, effort and money. However, when working directly with shipping units, the risks in the bill of lading process, loss of goods or return status always make customers the last and the most damaged.

Nobi Ship – An optimal solution for operation and maximum cost savings for businesses using the Nobi Pro software.

Deeply understanding the difficulties of customers in this final stage of operation, Nobi Ship was born as the solution to minimize these risks. Transportation Services are operated on the “Transportation System”, the technology system platform integrated and connected between the Software Developer’s Nobi Pro Software and the Delivery Service provided by the Shipping Lines. Moved on.

Nobi Ship is a solution to optimize operation and save maximum delivery costs, exclusively for customers using Nobi Pro software. With Nobi Ship, online merchants do not need to worry much about bills of lading-related work such as: contacting shipping, urging orders, delivery, collecting COD…. The estimated time and cost of shipping orders when made via Nobi Ship is reduced by twice as much as when the online shop owner does this work himself.

Super benefits exclusively for Nobi Pro customers when using Nobi Ship

Nobi Ship’s transportation management service promises to be the top priority – the best choice for Nobi Pro customers in the bill of lading stage. Using Nobi Ship, customers immediately receive a series of practical benefits:

Shipping costs are drastically reduced

This is the closest and most practical benefit Nobi Pro customers receive when Nobi Ship is deployed. With separate policies under the cooperation program between Nobi Pro and shipping units, the shipping cost per order will be much lower than when customers contact directly. Not only that, customers will have the opportunity to receive more incentives on shipping costs, especially more freeship opportunities.

When consumers utilize Nobi Ship, the cost and time of the bill of lading is lowered like never before.

Nobi Pro also has the function of collecting money for customers – collecting COD. With the participation of Nobi Pro, the risk of loss of cash flow during the bill of lading process is almost no more. It is estimated that when using the shipping service directly, it takes up to 7 days for the goods to arrive at the shop owner. But with Nobi Ship, it only takes 2 days for the money to return to the shop owner. This is one of the most practical benefits Nobi Ship brings to Nobi Pro customers.