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Foundation for optimizing operations on the Shopee e-commerce platform. Businesses may quickly improve customer experience and processes, thereby increased revenue


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Manage multi-shops, store all professional and accurate data

Nobi San has a mission to help businesses do business on the e-commerce platform to develop comprehensively with outstanding features such as: Shopee chat management, Product management – centralized inventory, Order & bill of lading management. , Automated Shopee Review, Shopee Bot Chat, Customer Care & Remarketing

Nobi San – A comprehensive management and operation platform for all sales processes on the Shopee e-commerce platform

Multi-shop Management
  • Multi-shop Management
  • Shopee chat management
  • Product and order management
Customer Management

Nobi San supports card creation for all customers on all Shopee stores super fast. Along with that, you can also tag customers to classify customers, especially 1 customer can be tagged with many different tags. In addition, you can also manage blocked customer lists.

Data Management

Data aggregation of all the shops you have on 1 dashboard: sales, completed orders, canceled orders, pending orders, unanswered messages. Nobi San also helps you to report individual data for each shop on the same screen, which is extremely convenient and improves evaluation efficiency.

Waybill Management

Control the status of the order has arrived or not easily with the shipping unit. Update that order information to the software and export the data file from Shopee. In addition, you can also compare the payment status. Nobi San supports you to check the status of payment transactions, minimizing financial loss due to lost goods.

Multi-shop Chat Management

Easily merge chats from multiple shops or different accounts at the same time. Send messages instantly with a set message template, maximum personalization for each customer. Nobi San supports you to check and manage your customer's purchase history on the same chat interface.

Smart Conversation Division

Nobi San supports automatically dividing smart conversations with many different modes such as: automatic sharing without limits with priority mode of dividing conversations for each specific department and employee; automatically split the limited conversation; auto-receiving conversation,...

Ensure The Shop's safety.

When managing multiple shops, each system will be allowed to use a separate IP during use to avoid violating Shopee policy. Along with Nobi San also supports you to create a list of banned keywords, avoid sending messages when the content contains banned keywords.

Bill of Lading Order Management

Control multi-shop orders, synchronize orders, automate the process of downloading orders to the software when there are new orders.

Centralized Inventory Management

This feature helps you synchronize inventory between offline and online stores (Tiktok, Facebook,..., and many Shopee stores together. Support to edit and control the number of goods in stock: Easily know which items are running out of stock or in stock for too long.

Centralized Product Management

Easily create products and centrally manage multi-shops, cross-platforms. Synchronize and manage products not only with many shopee stores, but also with many other sales channels such as offline stores, Facebook, Tiktok, Google, Zalo,...

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Frequently Asked Questions
How many Shopee accounts does Nobi San connect to?

Nobi Pro now allows you to link Shopee accounts based on each registered customer package, and you can also purchase more accounts in the expansion pack section.

How do I set up a feedback message when a customer reviews an order?

At the software interface, select Nobisan > Bot Nobisan > Automated messages > Rate the shop and then choose the appropriate process.

Is it possible to order Shopee on Nobi Pro's system?

When a customer places an order, the order status will be updated in real-time and the inventory on Shopee and on Nobi Pro will also be updated when the product has been synchronized.

If I send automatic messages on Shopee, will the shop be locked?

Nobi Pro’s automatic message is 15 seconds to send a message, so it will be safe for you. And if you don’t send all customers at once, you won’t be violating Shopee’s spam policy